Peter Geoghegan

Journalist, author, broadcaster


‘There’s a reason why “follow the money” is such a good rule for journalism: donations to political causes tell us what private interests are at play. Peter Geoghegan’s literally sterling work on the role of dark money in the Brexit upheaval is in the great tradition of investigative reporting. He follows the financial trails to reveal in compelling detail the nexus of international players for whom democracy is a game whose rules they could manipulate with impunity. Democracy for Sale is as urgent as it is illuminating.’ Fintan O’Toole, author of Heroic Failure.

‘The best piece of work to emerge so far (on Scotland’s independence referendum)…Instead of drawing from official sources, Geoghegan builds a narrative around the experiences of ordinary people…There is great warmth in Geoghegan’s writing. He empathises with his subjects regardless of their politics,’  The New Statesman.

‘The referendum truly was the People’s Referendum. The fate of the campaigns rested in the hands of the ordinary Scot, not captains of industry or political leaders. Geoghegan captures this wonderfully. The People’s Referendum should be on the bookshelf of anyone who wants to learn more about Scotland and how one Thursday in the middle of September changed this country’s politics forever,’ STV.

What happens when a society divided along sectarian lines starts to become multicultural? Does diversity inflame old tensions or can it offer a blueprint for a bright new future?

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