Peter Geoghegan

Journalist, author, broadcaster

Day: 14th June 2010

Aarhus: A city that's second to none

This feature on the beautiful (and wonderfully vibrant) Danish city of Aarhus appeared in The Irish Independent on June 6. “Why wasn’t Jesus born in Aarhus?” starts a popular Danish joke. “They couldn’t find three wise men.” Evidently, second-city bashing is not a sport confined to Ireland: Copenhagen’s urban sophisticates love to mock Denmark’s other […]

The explosive affair that scandalised Victorian society

This review of Chloe Schama’s excellent debut book Wild Romance appeared inThe Sunday Business Post on May 30. In February 1861, the Four Courts hosted a trial that gripped the public imagination, not only in Ireland but in Britain also. Thelwall v Yelverton was one of the most explosive cases ever to come before a […]

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