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Coatbridge Irish Prepare for #Indyref

A pack on the Irish in Coatbridge and Scotland’s independence referendum from RTE’s Morning Ireland in March.

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Cameron heads north to woo Scotland. But is he his own worst enemy?

With his Eton education and clipped vowels, David Cameron is often seen as quintessentially English. But lately the British prime minister has been talking up his Scottish heritage – with particular emphasis on Clan Cameron’s motto, “Let us unite.” As … Continue reading

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Why David Cameron is finding it difficult convincing Scotland to stay in the UK

EDINBURGH, Scotland — When David Cameron was here last week to call on Scots to reject independence from the United Kingdom, he did it by promising more powers for the devolved Scottish parliament. Scots could have the “best of both … Continue reading

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How would an indyref Yes affect Northern Ireland?

Would Northern Ireland “end up like West Pakistan” if Scotland says “yes” in September? Could Scottish independence presage a return to the Troubles? These are just some of the concerns being voiced by Unionist leaders in Northern Ireland ahead of … Continue reading

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Book Review: David Torrance – The Battle for Britain

In 1995, George Robertson, Labour shadow secretary for Scotland, predicted that ‘Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead.’ In modern British political history few words have rung so hollow. This year, a decade and a half after a devolved Scottish parliament … Continue reading

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Ulster Unionism’s on defensive over Scotland – but threats won’t win argument

On September 18, Scotland will hold a referendum on independence. A ‘Yes’ vote would bring to an end the 1707 Union, leaving behind a rump United Kingdom, comprising England, Wales and a Northern Ireland constitutionally marooned from its nearest – both geographically and emotionally – … Continue reading

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Sectarianism still forms divide

Sectarianism goes beyond football matches and a proper understanding is vital if we are to release the hold it retains on some, writes Peter Geoghegan. In Scotland, “sectarianism” is one of those words that are guaranteed to spark debate. For … Continue reading

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State of the Union: Artists and Scottish independence

In 2014, Scotland will hold a referendum on whether or not to end the union with England. Artists have always played a role in national movements, so will they vote yes or no? The Centre of Contemporary Arts is among … Continue reading

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Getting away ‘Scot-free’ from alcoholism

Edinburgh, Scotland - Scotland has become the first place in Europe to prescribe a new drug that reduces cravings for alcohol. Earlier this month, the Scottish Medicines Consortium, a body that approves drugs for use in the National Health Service, gave the … Continue reading

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Building for a Better Future

More houses, not more schemes that will push up house prices, are what is needed, writes Peter Geoghegan. Speaking to the Conservative Party faithful in Manchester last week, George Osborne declared: “We are the party of home ownership and we’re … Continue reading

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