I organise political cabaret events in Scotland under the name ‘Realpolitik’ as well as other politically-tinged social events. In 2011, I ran Unholyrood, a night of comedy, mayhem and political banter on the eve of the Holyrood elections featuring Vladimir McTavish, Keir McAlistair, the Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Bnad and many others. There’s a great preview of the night from Jay Richardson at the Scotsman

Watch this space (or @ Unholyood on Twitter) for details about upcoming events.

In 2011, I also launched the first – totally unofficial – TED fringe, FED. A homegrown alternative to the increasingly corporate TED model that took place at Inspace, University of Edinburgh on July 9  and featured talks, discussions, videos and, most importantly, ideas for a sustainable future for both humans and the planet. Plans for #FED12 are already afoot. More details later in 2012.


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  1. wfi says:

    We are all over midlothian. It is too short notice to meet. Best if we can do is email/talk.

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